Every Cisco Meraki device on our website is brand new and comes directly from Meraki. No resellers keep brand new Meraki stock on hand. Please ensure if you see prices which are far cheaper than us, you contact the seller to ensure the device is brand new. To further guarantee the device you are interested in is legitimate you can request they provide you the serial number on the device, then contact Meraki to verify the device will be able to be transfered to your name and be functional.

All Meraki Devices & Licenses come directly from Cisco Meraki.

No resellers or partners keep their stock on hand.

Due to certain supply constraints cause by the global semiconductor shortages some of the more popular Devices may have longer lead times.
For urgent deployments please check with us so we can provide estimated lead times.

We highly recommend checking lead times with us or any other reseller you have been in touch with before placing your order so we can check with our local Meraki reps.

Licensing & Support

Every Meraki device requires a License in order to function. The license does include Firmware updates, Warranty & Support

Case-based support viewable in dashboard
Firmware and software upgrades and updates
24×7 telephone support based out of San Francisco, London, and Sydney technical assistance centers

The Cisco Meraki warranty is here to ease your mind with industry-leading replacement policies.

Advance replacement: Advance replacement orders will ship within 1 business day.
Free shipping & returns: Meraki will pay for warranty replacement return shipments and shipping the replacement device.
Hardware warranties: Each of our products are backed up by an industry-leading hardware warranty:

– MR indoor access points: lifetime warranty

– MR outdoor access points: 1-year warranty

– MS switches: lifetime warranty

– MX security appliances: lifetime warranty

– MV security cameras: 3-year warranty

– MG cellular gateway: lifetime warranty


Once we receive your order we immediately place it with our distributor & Meraki.  It may take up to a week to process, once processed, it’s sent express via DHL from the USA – ensuring you get a brand new device direct from Meraki.



Meraki Devices & Licenses come directly from Cisco Meraki. No resellers or partners keep brand new Cisco Meraki stock on hand.

Once you place your order we may contact you for more information. Once payment has been cleared, we then submit the order to Cisco Meraki and they will deliver the order & license to you (Typically 4-7 business days for licenses and 6-14 business days for Devices).

Order are sent via DHL Express directly from the USA. You will be provided a tracking number once your order has been cleared for release.

Meraki License Renewals

We are able to provide you license renewals, even if you are switching from another reseller or business. Every license purchase from us any any other Meraki reseller comes directly from Meraki which means you aren’t tied to any reseller and can switch without a hassle.

Large Orders

For orders of $4000 or more make sure you get in touch with us for a custom quote. Being an authorized Cisco Meraki Partner & Reseller, we are able to go to Meraki and apply for additional discounts which we then pass directly onto you. We may require additional information about the scope of your purchase, budget and timeframe in order to secure these discounts.

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