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Videos are stored locally on the Cameras

Each MV smart camera comes with integrated, ultra reliable, industrial-grade storage. This cutting edge technology allows the system to efficiently scale to any size, with the storage expanding
with the addition of each camera. Plus, as video is stored locally, administrators can rest easy knowing that even if the network connection cuts out, the cameras will continue to record footage.

Cloud Archive

For Meraki MV Cameras
Featuring integrated solid state storage onboard every camera, the MV product line has revolutionized the typical surveillance architecture, completely eliminating the need for a network
video recorder (NVR) or other storage server. Using optimized retention tools in the management dashboard, users can make informed decisions about balancing video quality with their organizational retention needs, ensuring they achieve the perfect balance.
Still, there are times when legal requirements or other regional regulations may necessitate longer durations of continuous 24/7 recording or off-site backup. Cloud archive options for MV cameras fill these gaps by allowing for 30, 90, 180 or 365 days of continuous backup recording.
How does it work?
• Copies of video are stored on both the camera and in the cloud
• Video files stored in the cloud are always continuous, 24/7 footage
• The camera is always prioritized over the cloud by the dashboard for video retrieval (unless the camera is either unreachable by the cloud or the timestamp of the video file being requested is older than what is supported)
• If the camera goes offline, it will still record footage as long as it has power, but this footage will not be backed up until it regains a connection to the WAN
• 30, 90, 180 and 365 day license options are available, on a per-camera basis

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