The Meraki MX is a multi-functional security & SD-WAN enterprise appliance with a wide set of capabilities to address multiple use cases for organizations of all sizes, in all industries.

Given the range of use cases that can be solved, there are three license options for the MX appliance that provides customers the flexibility to select the license most appropriate for their intended use.

EnterpriseAdvanced SecuritySecure SD-WAN Plus
“All I require is Auto VPN and a firewall”“I connect directly to the Internet so need a UTM too”“My business is reliant on SaaS/IaaS/DC served apps”
  • Advanced analytics with machine learning powered by Meraki Insight



Advanced Security

Secure SD-WAN Plus 

Centralized management

Zero-touch firmware updates

True zero-touch provisioning

24×7 enterprise support

Open APIs

Automatic WAN failover

Sub-second site-to-site VPN failover

Sub-second dynamic path selection

Stateful firewall

VLAN to VLAN routing

Advanced Routing

Uplink Load Balancing/failover

3G / 4G cellular failover

Traffic shaping/prioritization

Site-to-site VPN

Client VPN

MPLS to VPN Failover

Splash pages

Configuration templates

Group Policies

Client connectivity alerts

Essential SD-WAN

Source-Based Routing

Local Breakout (IP based)

Geography based firewall rules

Intrusion detection & prevention

Content filtering

Youtube for Schools

Web Search Filtering

Cisco Advanced Malware Protection (AMP)

Umbrella DNS Integration**

Threat Grid Integration**

Web App Health Analytics

WAN Health Analytics

VoIP Health Analytics

Smart breakout


How are licenses enforced on MX?

The licenses are on a per-model basis. Every MX model has a corresponding license. They are non-transferable between appliance models. For instance, an MX64 license will not be covered by an MX84 license.

Can we mix two license types in a single organization?

MX licensing is uniform across an entire Meraki dashboard organization. For instance, if you have 25 MX networks in your organization, you can have 25 Enterprise or Advance Security or Secure SD-WAN Plus licenses but you cannot have 20 MX devices with Enterprise and 5 MX devices with SD-WAN Plus licenses. For such a requirement, the recommended way of deployment would be to create a separate organization for each edition of licenses.

Is there a separate license to cover support or device warranty or software upgrades?
Each license is inclusive of device RMA, 24×7 enterprise support, and software upgrades.

Will there be a requirement to pay extra for new features?

New features are added by license type.

  • Features added to the enterprise license option will be available free-of-charge to all existing MX customers.
  • Features added to the advanced security license option will be available free-of-charge to all existing MX customers with an advanced security or SD-WAN Plus license.
  • Features added to the Secure SD-WAN Plus license option will be available free-of-charge to all existing MX customers with an SD-WAN Plus license.

Are MX licenses available on both Co-Term and PDL versions?

Yes. All the MX licenses are available under Co-Term as well as PDL (Per Device Licensing). For More information and general differences between the two, please see the documentation on Meraki Licensing.

Can you move from one MX license edition to another, for example, Enterprise to Advanced Security or SD-WAN Plus?

Currently, there are two ways to move to a different MX license edition:

  • Purchase the desired MX license type (one or more) and apply them to the organization which will convert the entire organization to the desired license type. Note: This will adjust your remaining licensing term depending on the license type (duration, MX model, license type etc.)
  • Call/email Meraki support and convert the organization to the desired license option. Note: You will have a new co-termination date for your organization with this method.
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