Access Security for Everyone, from Any Device, Anywhere

For organizations of all sizes that need to protect sensitive data at scale, Duo is the user-friendly zero trust security platform for all users, all devices and all applications.

Why Duo?

4 Reasons to Choose Duo

Cisco Duo provides the best of both worlds: a multi-factor authentication solution that is strong and easy-to use.

Complete Coverage​

Eliminate the gaps in your perimeter like no other solution can, with easy-to-use integrations that bring all applications and operations under one secure roof.

Next Level MFA

Counter the new wave of cyber threats with phishing-resistant MFA measures that rewrite the playbook on how to verify users.

Protection and Productivity

Protect your environment while empowering your workforce to operate from anywhere and on any device.

Speed to Security​

Launch new protections quickly and smoothly, without burning through your IT team or their budget. Put enrollment and remediation in the hands of your users so your security experts are free to monitor the big picture.

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  • Cisco Duo Essentials

    Includes everything in Duo Free +

    Single Sign On
    Verified Duo Push
    Passwordless authentication
    Trusted Endpoints
    User group policies

  • Cisco Duo Advantage

    Includes everything in Duo Essentials plus:
    Risk-Based Authentication
    Adaptive access policies
    Complete device visibility
    Device health checks
    Threat detection

  • Cisco Duo Premier

    Includes everything in Duo Advantage plus
    A comprehensive package for complete zero trust access
    VPN-less remote access to private resources
    Complete device trust with endpoint protection check

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