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Meraki MV Enterprise License and Support, 3YR

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Meraki MV Enterprise License and Support, 3 Year


Three Year License for Meraki Video

License works on all Cisco Meraki Smart Cameras


What’s included in Meraki’s License

Dashboard (Management Portal)

The Cisco Meraki dashboard provides intuitive management of your entire Meraki infrastructure under a single pane-of-glass, from anywhere in the world, with no additional training.

• Real-time tunnel: A patented lightweight, secure, zero-config control tunnel provides rich real-time data and visibility.

• Configuration: Completely configure and optimise your Meraki infrastructure devices in dashboard with no additional training.

• Remote access: Network management and monitoring from any Internetaccessible location, in a web browser or the Meraki app.

• Live troubleshooting: Built-in tools provide live troubleshooting within dashboard to assess performance, without going on-site.

• Unmatched visibility: Get granular insights into how your network is being used by users, devices, applications, and more.

• Reporting: Customise reports and analytics on network performance and user behavior and export or schedule emails.

• Zero-touch deployment: Easily scale and add devices as needed, automatically pulling their configurations from the cloud.

• Inventory: Maintain visibility over the status of all Meraki infrastructure devices and all EMM applications in dashboard.

• Role-based administration: Manage access to organisations and networks based on user role and responsibilities.

• Two-factor authentication: Enable two-factor authentication when logging into dashboard for added security.

• Alerts: Automate configuration change alerts and network monitoring alertsto stay abreast of updates and network status.

24/7 In-house Support

Dedicated, in-house Cisco Meraki technical support engineers provide fast and relevant responses to customer queries via 24/7 telephone support, email cases, or even cases created in dashboard.

• Telephone support: Meraki technical support teams are located in San Francisco, London, and Sydney, providing 24 x 7 coverage, multi-language support, and emergency response.

• Dashboard case support: You can create a new case or track existing cases under the ‘Help’ tab in dashboard, providing instant visibility into the status of their queries.

• Email case support: Send an email to and instantly create a case.

• Customer satisfaction: Meraki aims to provide the highest quality support, and our customer satisfaction ratings show that we do.

• Cases & SLAs: You’ll have a named support owner at all times with SLAs between 15 minutes to 1 business day.


The Cisco Meraki warranty is here to ease your mind with industry-leading replacement policies.

• 24 x 7 support: The Cisco Meraki Support team is available to assist you at any time.

• Advance replacement: Advance replacement orders will ship within 1 business day.

• Free shipping & returns: Meraki will pay for warranty replacement return shipments and shipping the replacement device.

• Hardware warranties: Each of our products are backed up by an industry-leading hardware warranty:

– MR indoor access points: lifetime warranty

– MR outdoor access points: 1-year warranty

– MS switches: lifetime warranty

– MX security appliances: lifetime warranty

– MV security cameras: 3-year warranty

– MG cellular gateway: lifetime warranty

Automatic Firmware Updates & New Features

As a cloud-based solution, Meraki engineers are able to push firmware updates and new features natively to devices, providing always up-to-date and futureproofed devices, at no additional cost.

• Quarterly firmware updates: As features are improved upon and optimised, updates are released and available in dashboard.

• Feature updates: Meraki engineers are continuously innovating and releasing the latest features, future-proofing devices.

• User scheduled: Schedule updates for convenient times, or defer them as needed.

• Security: In the event of a security threat, Meraki engineers can develop and push patches directly to devices, providing rapid response and protection.

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