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Umbrella DNS Security Advantage

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Cisco Umbrella DNS Security Advantage package

DNS-layer security used by hundreds of millions globally

Every day, Cisco Umbrella DNS Security Advantage powers a secure, reliable, and fast internet experience to hundreds of millions of global users. By enforcing security at the DNS layer, Umbrella blocks requests to malicious domains before a connection is even made, effectively stopping threats in their tracks.

DNS Security Advantage: Key features

  • Block domains associated with cyberthreats
  • Utilize real-time security reports to identify compromised systems
  • Stop callbacks from compromised systems
  • Enable filtering using nearly 100 domain categories
  • Create custom allow and block lists
  • Push updates from other security services’ block lists to Umbrella

Cisco Umbrella DNS Security Advantage Package Datasheet

Just point your DNS to the Umbrella global network and any device that connects to it is instantly protected. It’s that easy. Get powerful and effective protection against threats today.

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