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Cisco Meraki MG21E Cellular Gateway External Antennas

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Cisco Meraki MG21E Cellular Gateway With External Antennas

Cloud Managed Cellular Gateway

Cisco Meraki MG21e – CAT6 Cellular Modem with External Antennas

Connectivity is critical for any organization that depends on reliable internet access in order to function. Wireless WAN connectivity options, such as cellular networks, serve as a reliable backup internet uplink in the event of a primary uplink failure.

The MG21 cellular gateway simplifies the path to wireless WAN connectivity and makes cellular a viable uplink option many networks. MG21 acts as a gateway to cellular networks, by converting LTE signal from a cellular provider to an ethernet handoff, which can be used as an internet uplink for a variety of use-cases.

The simplest and most reliable foundation for any Wireless WAN infrastructure—Cisco Meraki MG Cellular Gateways provide optimal cellular connectivity. MG offers unmatched flexibility and scalability, making it ideal for organizations either looking for optimal performance
through cellular or an additional cloud-managed Wireless WAN solution to scale their existing infrastructure. With high visibility into cellular networks, API-driven architecture, along with the ease of deployment, monitoring, and troubleshooting, MG allows customers to lower IT costs, and time spent managing their network.



  • Sleek, low profile form factor
  • x1 CAT6 cellular modem – up to 300Mbps
  • x1 nano SIM card slot
  • x2 GbE ports
  • Multi-surface mounting bracket for attachment to walls, ceilings, or poles
  • x2 dipole antennas included (high gain patch antenna available separately)
  • IP67 rated for environments of all types
  • DC or PoE
Use cases
  • Primary cellular connectivity
  • Failover cellular connectivity
Cloud-based centralized management
  • Managed centrally over the web
  • Zero-touch, self-provisioning deployments
  • Remote troubleshooting tools
  • Secure, user-scheduled firmware updates
  • Remote visibility of key cellular information: IMEI, ICCID, APN, RSRP, RSRQ
Cloud APIs
  • All MG configuration settings executable via APIs

Meraki MG21E

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