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Cisco Meraki MV52

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Cisco Meraki MV52

Telephoto bullet camera for outdoor security

The Meraki MV52 has 1TB of storage, records in up to 4K resolution, and has an ultra-long-range varifocal lens. With IP67 and IK10+ ratings, it can endure a variety of demanding outdoor environments where details and distance matter.

The Meraki MV52, part of the MV smart camera family, brings physical security and advanced analytics together in a powerful, ultra-longrange telephoto bullet camera. The MV52 extends visibility and safety to challenging environments where distance and detail matter.

Meraki MV52: security and intelligence

The Meraki MV52 has an industry-leading processor, 1TB of high-endurance local storage, and browser-based cloud management and viewing. This edge architecture minimizes physical infrastructure and software requirements, enabling faster, easier deployments and greater scalability. With the ability to mount to walls, ceilings, or poles, and a 360-degree rotating flexible ball joint, MV52 lets you get the angle you need, anywhere. Wireless functionality and a built-in power input option make it possible to install in even the most challenging environments beyond the reach of normal Ethernet. MV52 combines a 12°-37° field of view with 4K video resolution. This allows for high detail, even with long-distance deployments like parking lots or perimeter monitoring. It’s also useful for situations that require license plate capture or subject identification. Using machine-learning-based computer vision, MV52 can do real-time object detection, classification, and tracking of people and vehicles to increase safety and provide useful insights into activity. These smart cameras enable physical security and business intelligence, all in a refreshingly simple package.

Meraki MV52 Datasheet


Meraki MV52 Highlights

Hardware features
  • 12-40 mm focal length varifocal lens with 12-37° horizontal FoV
  • 4K video recording with H.264 encoding
  • f/2.3-16 aperture
  • 1TB high-endurance solid-state storage
  • 5 GHz 802.11ac wireless
  • Microphone input for audio recording
  • IR illumination up to 50 m or 164 ft
  • IP67 weather resistance
  • IK10+ impact resistance
Enterprise-grade security
  • Automatic end-to-end video encryption
  • Automatic firmware updates and bug fixes
  • Secure, encrypted control architecture and storage
  • Secure boot and signed firmware backed by hardware security chip
Cloud management
  • Visibility and control from anywhere
  • Stream local or remote—the cloud automatically routes the video stream
  • Create custom video walls
  • Easy options for video export and sharing
Granular access controls
  • Create unique accounts and passwords for each user
  • Control who can view live or historical video
  • Limit access to video exporting
  • Grant viewing access by individual camera or device tag
  • Video access log provides audit of users’ video-related activities
Advanced analytics
  • Industry-leading processor onboard
  • Motion analytics
  • Audio analytics
  • Person and vehicle detection powered by machine-learning technology
  • No servers or software required
  • Compatible with MV Sense license
Compact and functional design
  • Attractive and subtle design blends into any space
  • Simple onboarding and flexible mounting options make it easy to install anywhere
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