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Meraki MV93X Varifocal outdoor dome camera – 1 TB

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Cisco Meraki  MV93X

The Meraki MV93X, part of the third-generation MV smart camera family, combines physical security and advanced analytics in a fisheye form factor. Easy to install and with an 360° field of view (FoV), MV93X provides complete visibility and intelligent security for a variety of outdoor applications.

Security that tells a complete story

With up to 2880×2880 video resolution and 360-degree views, MV93X captures the full picture, providing broad context and clear detail when needed. This panoramic overview increases situation awareness, making surveillance more efficient. Compatible with a variety of mounting accessories, outdoor-rated MV93X series cameras can be installed in a variety of deployment scenarios, so you can see around every corner. The 360° field of view and IR illumination make it ideal for improving safety and security for parking lots, warehouses, and other open spaces, even in low light. Using machine learning-based computer vision, MV93X cameras can perform real-time object detection, classification, and tracking of objects, providing useful insights into activity. This allows organizations to more efficiently monitor activity and trends to improve security or create more efficient processes. An intelligent, all-in-one package, these smart cameras deliver powerful business intelligence without compromising physical security

Meraki MV93X Highlights

• 1 TB high write endurance solid-state storage
• 360°, fisheye lens camera
• Compact form factor with 180° horizontal and vertical FoV
• Large level of detail with up to 2880×2880 video resolution
• Night vision with IR illumination up to 20 m / 66 ft
• IK10+ and IP67-rated for deployment in more demanding environments
• Intelligent motion indexing with search engine
• Built-in analytics like Motion Search, Motion Recap, and Motion Heatmaps
• Machine learning capability for intelligent object detection
• Role-based user accounts provide secure video access and ensure privacy
• Cloud-augmented edge storage for minimal physical infrastructure
• Get built-in automatic security with secure boot and signed firmware, backed by a hardware security chip
• Suitable for deployments of all sizes, 1-10,000+ cameras

MV93X Datasheet

Cisco Meraki MV93X


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