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Meraki MV12 Narrow Angle Mini Dome HD Camera – 256GB

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Cisco Meraki Narrow Angle MV12N

Indoor, fixed-lens mini dome camera with 256GB of storage

Compact and discrete with a narrow field of view ideal for hallways, entrances and exits, and aiding in identification.

Meraki MV12, the second generation of the MV family, brings powerful, advanced analytics capabilities to the Meraki security camera offering in a sleek and compact new form factor. With a more powerful processor and all the architectural benefits of the first generation, MV12 represents a shift from cameras simply ensuring physical safety and security, to providing business intelligence as well

Meraki MV12 Datasheet


Hardware Features
  • 256GB integrated high-endurance solid state storage
  • 1080p video recording with H.264 encoding
  • 73° horizontal field of view (FOV)
  • 802.11ac wireless
  • Microphone for audio recording
Industry-Leading Chipset for Advanced Analytics

  • An industry-leading processor allows for advanced onboard analytics functionality
Compact and Functional Design
  • Attractive and subtle design blends into any space
  • Compact form factor with small installation footprint
Advanced Analytics
  • Industry-leading onboard processor
  • Person detection powered by machine learning technology
  • No servers or software required
  • Compatible with MV Sense licenses
Granular Access Controls
  • Control who can view live and historical footage
  • Limit access to video exporting
  • Grant viewing access to individual cameras or by device tags
Cloud Management
  • Network-wide visibility and control
  • Stream local or remote — the cloud automatically routes the video stream
  • Create and organize video walls
  • Export video clips for download, or share via a link

Cisco Meraki Narrow Angle MV12

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